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The Bombardier Supplier Portal

Welcome to the Bombardier Supplier's Portal. The Portal aims to facilitate supply chain related communications using the SAP system, which is Bombardier Aerospace's chosen management platform for its manufacturing activities and after-sales service.

The supplier portal will allow you to:

  • Visualize and acknowledge on-line purchase orders
    • Purchase orders and their revisions can be sent electronically and approved using the same screen
  • Visualize delivery reports and provide comments
    • This will allow real time views on supplier's deliveries to Bombardier
  • Review and communicate escalation rates
  • Appoint an Account Manager to maintain your portal user pool
    • It ensures that users at your company have the right accesses to the right functionalities at all times

We are still working at improving the Bombardier Supplier Portal so you can expect additional functionalities to come in the near future.

To utilize the Supplier Portal, please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign the contract hereafter titled: "Agreement for access and use of the Bombardier Supplier Portal" (company level) and appoint an Account Manager.
  2. If your company has already signed the agreement, your appointed Account Manager can add users, modify users accounts and approve user requests.
  3. The users of your company will be able to register through the Bombardier Supplier Portal logon page or through your Account Manager.

Once registered, your Account Manager will be informed of any upgrades and new functionalities on the Supplier Portal via email.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to complete the feedback section available on the Bombardier Supplier Portal.

How to register
Please identify yourself:
* Please use the "Add Users" button only if you are sure that your company has already signed the contract. If not, use the Read Contract button.